Classes (SCPY441/526)

Physics, Mahidol University

Update: **The course has finished. I might teach it again next year.
For those who are interested, here is the link for my lecture note on Dropbox.

Course: Introduction to Quantum Optics / Quantum Optics
(First semester 2021, online class Thursday 13.30 – 16.30, starting 19 August 2021)

Course Pages: Discord.

Office Hours: (Anytime) discussions are encouraged in the Discord Channel.

Objectives: This course is primarily designed for 4th-year and graduate students. To equip students with current knowledge on how light interacts with matter. This is the basic knowledge needed in understanding the physics used heavily in the 2nd-generation of Quantum Technology.

Main References:
• Mark Fox, “Quantum optics: an introduction,” Oxford University Press (2006)
• Marlan O. Scully and M. Suhail Zubairy, “Quantum Optics,” Cambridge University Press (2001)
• Christopher C. Gerry and Peter L. Knight, “Introduction to Quantum Optics,” Cambridge University Press (2005)
• Michael A. Nielsen and Isaac L. Chuang, “Quantum Computation and Quantum Information,” 10th Ed. Cambridge University Press (2010)
• Howard Wiseman and Gerard Milburn, “Quantum Measurement and Control,” Cambridge University Press (2010)

Prerequisites: An undergraduate-level understanding of quantum mechanics and classical electromagnetic waves (SCPY221, SCPY231)

Tentative Course Outline:
W1 – Review: Classical optics and Quantum mechanics, Atom and Field
W2 – Quantization of the Electromagnetic Field
W3 – Physical Interpretation of the Electromagnetic Field
W4 – Classical and Quantum state of light I (Gaussian states)
W5 – Quantum state of light II (Squeezed light and Photons antibunching)
W6 – Quantum state of light III (Photons and their statistics)
W7 – Application in Quantum Communication and Computing I
W8 – Midterm Exam
W9 – Quantum Electrodynamics and Atom-Photon interaction I
W10 – Atom-Photon interaction II
W11 – Atom-Photon interaction III
W12 – Quantum measurement: Lindblad and stochastic master equations
W13 – Current Experiments in Quantum Optics
W14 – Application in Quantum Communication and Computing II
W15 – Final Exam/Project Presentation

Grading Policy: Students from both 441 and 526 will be taught in the same class, but graded differently. Since the pandemic has made things difficult, both for students and instructors, I give significant weights on homework so that students can work together.
For SCPY441: Homework and quizzes (70%), Midterm (30%)
For SCPY526: Homework and quizzes (50%), Midterm (30%), Final Project (20%)
The final project will be to write a report (Physical Review Letters style) on the topic of interest and to give a presentation at the final week of the class.

Class Policy: Regular attendance is essential and expected.

Academic Honesty: Even though I encourage “collaboration” in the homework, students should write their own solutions. The type of exam is likely a take-home exam, which will be confirmed closer to the date.

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