Research students

Intake: 2023 (To be announced)

Intake: 2022

Tibodee Mandee
MSc Thesis (Mahidol University): “Spectrum and color analyses for 3D color printing in translucent materials”

Afaldy Hayeeteh
BSc Thesis (Mahidol University): “Implementation of hybrid quantum-classical algorithms for finance on IBM-Q machine”

Panuwat Thongmee
BSc Thesis (Mahidol University): “Estimating magnetic fluctuation noise using Nitrogen-Vacancy center qubit and its photon emission”

Intake: 2021

Nattawut Kamjam
BSc Thesis (Mahidol University): “Random-telegraph noise mitigation and qubit decoherence in solid-state experiments”

Current: Master student at School of Materials Science and Innovation, Mahidol University.

Suttavee Rojanasirivanit
Bsc Thesis (Mahidol University): “Estimating unknown qubit phase under telegraph noises using Recurrent Neural Network”
Master student at Faculty of Information and Communication Technology, Mahidol University.

Atirat Meunson
BSc Thesis (KMUTNB): “Qubit decoherence and phase correction in Gaussian white-noise environment”

Current: Master student at Department of Physics, King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi (KMUTT).

Poramet Pathumsoot
Research Assistant: Supervising Nattawut Kamjam, Suttavee Rojanasirivanit, and Atirat Meunson.

Current: Phd student at Keio Quantum Computing Center, Keio University, Japan.

Intake: 2020

Wirawat Kokaew
BSc Thesis (Chulalongkorn University): “Optimal Controls for Open Quantum Systems Using Stochastic Path Integrals”
Research Assistant: Optimal controls for open quantum system.

Current: Master student, Perimeter Scholar International program at Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics, Canada.

Treerat Srivipat
BSc Thesis (Mahidol University): “Development of Josephson Parametric Amplifiers for Superconducting Circuit Experiments”

Current: PhD student at University of Technology Sydney, Australia.

Intake: 2019 and before

Nattaphong Wonglakhon
BSc Thesis (Mahidol University): “High-precision Numerical Scheme for Quantum Trajectories”

Current: PhD student at Centre for Quantum Dynamics, Griffith University, Australia.

Jirawat Saiphet
BSc Thesis (Mahidol University): “Effects of Time Delay in No-Knowledge Quantum Feedback Control”
MSc Thesis (Mahidol University): “Quantum approximate optimization algorithm for data clustering”

Current: PhD student at University of Tübingen, Germany.

Tanawut Noungneaw
MSc Thesis (Mahidol University): “Maximum a posteriori (MAP) path of quantum open system”
Teaching Assistant

Teerawat Chalermpusitarak
BSc Thesis (Mahidol University): “Qubit Tomography with Limited Resources of Continuous Weak Measurement and Qubit Controls”

Current: PhD student at Centre for Quantum Dynamics, Griffith University, Australia.